I am prepared to teach courses on the history of modern science, technology, and medicine, as well as United States politics, law, and social movements. The syllabus for an undergraduate seminar I have designed, “American Reckoning: Statistics and Quantification in United States History,” is available on request.


Dezmond Williams

U.S. History to 1877 (Fall 2017), Co-Taught through Princeton Prison Teaching Initiative, Garden State Youth Correctional Facility, accredited by Raritan Valley Community College.

Survey of U.S. History focused on the global context of colonization, political ideas, the history of capitalism, and the politics of race.

Assistant Instructor

EGR 277: Technology & Society (Spring 2019), Prof. Janet Vertesi, Princeton University.

Framework-focused introduction to science and technology studies geared toward engineering students.

HIS 391: History of Contemporary Science (Fall 2018), Prof. Michael Gordin, Princeton University.

History of science course designed to help students grasp the massive expansion of scientific research since 1970, emphasizing the Cold War geopolitics of science funding, culture wars and pseudoscience, and the changing character of scientific communication and attribution of credit.