I am a member of the History of Science Society, and serve as a Mentorship Chair in its Graduate and Early Career Caucus. I also belong to the American Society for Legal History and the Social Science History Association. You can hear me speak with others in my archive of New Books Network podcasts.

Upcoming talks

Photo Credit: Brad Spicher

Organizer: Supporting International Scholars in Pandemic Times: A Teach-In | History of Science Society Virtual Forum, October 2020.

Session devoted to sharing resources and strategies for supporting graduate students in a climate of immigration restriction, presented by the HSS Graduate and Early Career Caucus.

Just in Numbers? Statistics and Civil Rights in the Cold War United States | American Society for Legal History Online Student Research Colloquium, November 2020.

Presenting a modified dissertation prospectus to a small workshop of legal history graduate students.

Selected past talks

Co-Organizer (with Keith Wailoo, Jodi Koste, Jennifer Loessy, Julia Stone, Kim Worthington, and Carla Zimowsk): Pandemic, Creating a Usable Past: Epidemic History, COVID-19, and the Future of Health | Webinar Co-Sponsored by the American Association for the History of Medicine and the Princeton University Department of History, May 2020.

The Fox and the Stork: Contesting Employment Discrimination Statistics in U.S. Courts | Contested Data: What Happens When the Givens Aren’t Taken, Data & Society, New York, NY, March 2020.

Computing Civil Rights: Inventing Disparate Impact in an Era of Contradiction, 1965-1975 | Modern America Workshop, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, February 2020.

“[To] kill an elephant with a fly gun”: The Data Politics of the EEOC, 1965-1978 | Quantification, Data, and the Politics of Social Provision (Organized by Alex Kindel), Meeting of the Social Science History Association, Chicago, IL, November 2019.

BLACKD, WHVICRC: Race, Regression Analysis, and the Statistical Challenge to Capital Punishment | Sixth Annual Conference, Society for the History of Recent Social Science, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany, June 2019.

Amphibian a priori: Filters, Fields, and the Contested Vision of Neuroscience | Embracing the Electronic Brain: Cold War Entanglements of Organisms, Minds, and Computers (Co-Organized with Youjung Shin), Meeting of the History of Science Society, Seattle, WA, November 2018. (Abstract here)

Samples (N = 2) from the History of Statistical Sampling. Annual Harvard/MIT/Princeton Workshop on the History of the Physical Sciences, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, October 2018.

Taking Human Genetics Digital: Mendelian Inheritance in Man and the Genealogy of Electronic Publishing in Biomedicine | Learning by the Book: Manuals and Handbooks in the History of Knowledge, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ.

“The London/Baltimore link has been severed”: human linkage mapping and the early computerization of genetics” | Human Gene Mapping and Oral Histories of Human Genetics, 6th International Workshop on the History of Human Genetics, Glasgow, UK, June 2015.

Re-framing power relations in the historiography of computing: examples from early medical genetics and calculator user groups | SIGCIS Workshop, Meeting of the Society for the History of Technology, Dearborn, MI, November 2014.

“A remarkable social device”: MOLGEN and the textual practices of bioinformatics | Meeting of the Society for the History of Technology, Dearborn, MI, November 2014.

Stacks, pacs, and system hacks: handheld calculators as an alternative history of personal computing | Social Construction of Technology Coming of Age: New Challenges and Opportunities Ahead, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway, June 2014.